Malcolm X Dbq Analysis

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DBQ: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Rewrite During the 1960’s there was a greatly increased in violence in America. There were riots, bombings, racism, and discrimination. Many African American were mistreated due to the racist people who intervened the African Americans from doing anything. Two civil rights activists wanted change for African Americans and were both fighting for the same cause, civil rights. MLK and Malcolm X both wanted equality but in different ways. Martin Luther King believed in nonviolence to end segregation. However, Malcolm X believed in segregation; where African Americans would govern themselves without bothering the whites. But which idea was better for society? Malcolm X’s philosophy offers a variety of solutions for …show more content…

In MLK'S famous speech of “I Have a Dream” he says how he wants America to become united with one another. Even though this sounded better, it would've taken a much longer time to achieve peacefully. Time was a problem, since America needed to act fast before the social movements got out of hand and possibly start a war; something that America is trying to avoid since they are currently dealing with many other problems, such as war in Vietnam. Not only that but America already tried to put whites and blacks together, such as Little Rock Nine. It took the military to allow nine African Americans students to enter a school in a white neighborhood. This is only one event, other events created riots, bombings, discrimination, poverty, and racism. This is why Malcolm X’s philosophy is much better for the sake of time and our nation. Malcolm X’s ideas benefit both America and the African American people. His idea could be made possible much quicker and could resolve many problems like violence and poverty. Most importantly this will avoid many issues from happening in the future of our

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