Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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Two of the most significant individuals are Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. During the American civil rights movement. Although the two leaders had distinct ways of combating structural racism and injustice, King's theory ultimately prevails over Malcolm X's. The references discussed why King's perspective is superior to Malcolm X's, especially in terms of bringing about long-lasting change. The two leaders' approaches to nonviolence were one of their most significant distinctions. Malcolm X believed in using force to struggle against oppression, unlike King, who supported nonviolent resistance. Study results, however, imply that King's nonviolent strategy was more successful in bringing about long-lasting change. In contrast to violent resistance, nonviolent …show more content…

This is due to the fact that, while violence can be used to justify additional tyranny, nonviolent resistance appeals to the moral conscience of both those in authority and the general public. This was acknowledged by King, who wrote in his well-known Letter from Birmingham Jail that "violence, as a way of achieving racial justice, is both impractical and immoral" (Morant, 2019). Therefore, King's adherence to nonviolence was not only a moral decision but also a calculated one. King's emphasis on coalition-building distinguishes his philosophy from Malcolm X's in another way. King understood that in order to make a significant change, it would have the support of not only Black Americans but also White Americans and other marginalized groups. Malcolm X, on the other hand, had a more exclusive stance, concentrating only on the empowerment of Black Americans. For Black Americans who

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