Martin Luther King Jr Vs Malcolm X Research Paper

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Violent vs Nonviolent
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Whose philosophy made the most sense for America in the 1960s?
The Civil Rights Movement began during the 1950s and ended in 1960. The entire reason why this movement was happening is because although the slaves had been free a while ago, they were not given the same rights as white people had and on top of that they were being violently beaten up to death if not sent to the hospital. That is when Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr were fighting for civil rights, even though they were both fighting for the same reason but they both had different methods trying to achieve what they wanted. Malcolm’s idea was to use violence against the racist people who would attack them to death or end, up injured severely and on the other hand, Martin’s ideas were to protest peacefully and to not use violence even if they were being attacked severely as well. Malcolm X's philosophy made the most sense for America during the 1960’s because they were being attacked violently and what he wanted was to make them feel the same pain they felt as they were attacked. Although many people think that the best option is not used violence, but that could actually be wrong. If the person who is attacking the other with violence …show more content…

The best option after being the attack is to use violence against them because all they were doing is protesting but in a peaceful way and they would be attacked. In document 1 it says, “Look, you guys are supposed to be nice guys and we are only going to do what we are supposed to do-- why do you beat us up, why don’t you give us what we ask”. This is why Malcolm’s idea was best to follow because even after not hurting the others and do what they are supposed to do they were being attacked and they were not treated equally and they also did not have

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