Annotated Bibliography: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Thesis: In “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, Malcolm X in his telling of his life to Alex Haley uncovers the theme of positive and negative environments unearthed by the interaction of African Americans and White Americans in his life and what those kinds of environments inherently produce.
Annotated Bibliography
Nelson, Emmanuel S. Ethnic American Literature: an Encyclopedia for Students. Greenwood, An
Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2015.This encyclopedia points out that the negative interaction he held with the white man as a young hustler was countered by these same experiences pushing Malcolm X to reclaim his “African identity”. This shows, as described by the cited work, what a man pushed by his negative interactions with the oppressive white men is willing to do to find his identity (i.e. through hustling). Although this creates an immediate negative environment urging Malcolm to form his own views and eventually be led to create the Organization of the Afro-American Movement. The encyclopedia also notes that Malcolm’s …show more content…

This journal article belabours the point that is also a common theme in “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”: Malcolm’s changing views on civil rights. Again as a result of his tumultuous childhood because of the “white man”, Malcolm generalizes all white people as essentially haters of blacks because of the negative experiences he’s had with them and the tragic ways they treated him. But, as he grows older and matures, Malcolm has the eye-opening experience of seeing people of all colors worship next to each other. This is an interaction between blacks and whites that creates a positive environment as an outcome. Because of this experience, Malcolm X becomes less resilient to the idea that people of all colors can coexist. This relates to my thesis in that showcases both a positive and negative environment created by Malcolm’s interactions, and the interactions of those around him, with white

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