Article Analysis: The Media Made Malcolm X

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community too”, which further promotes Malcolm X’s heroism because it represents him as wanting the best for all people, even non-blacks. This is the quality of a hero. The source is useful because it shows how a big portion of the black community viewed Malcolm X and his connections with the CRM and BP, but it is also less reliable because it is very biased in favour of black resistance. The article is especially useful because it is a primary source, from the actual time of the events in its content. (SOURCE D) An internet article that was published in volume 62 of History Today (a website), in 2012, is written by Peter Ling. It is entitled “The Media Made Malcolm X.” It is immediately obvious from the title that the article is going to discuss the influence that the media had on Malcolm X’s life, as well as the legacy he has left behind – in other words, how media portrayal of Malcolm X influences our opinions and views of Malcolm X even today. The author discusses how and for what reasons the media “made” Malcolm X, by providing the reader with current views from …show more content…

The article goes on further to state that the reason for this distortion of Malcolm X’s real character by the

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