Letter To Birmingham Jail

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Many people has read Dr. martin Luther king 's letter, but how many people understands what his words in his letter meant. I strongly feel what he stresses and actually made me feel like I was there through the tragedies and struggles that had happen back then. Reading Mr. king 's letter actually gave me some food for thought as I collectively go through my day and questioning myself what if the past was the present now. My mind has been open to freedom as well as my physical body in this environment unlike Dr. King and others of his time. Dr. Martin Luther King had strategies not strategies for violence, but to demand freedom with nonviolent acts. In which Dr. King had the chance to talk with leaders of Birmingham economic community and a promise was made that racism and signs would be removed as it said in Dr. King 's letter. However, the promise wasn’t kept and since it was overlooked Dr. King had a plan a direct action program plan. The direct action program is a plan put in action when someone or something doesn’t respond or act with in the negotiations and overlooks the situation. So instead of …show more content…

King also mention that he came to Birmingham, because there was injustice in Birmingham. Unjust in my mind is when something isn’t agreed upon or isn’t peaceful. In the world of today somethings are injustice the killings of whites and blacks there’s peace, but no peace. When i say that black people have their freedom, but are we safe think about the Charleston murder where nine innocent people died in church or the demanding and physical act of a police man when they pull a white man over versus a black man. As Dr. King stated individuals may see the moral light and voluntarily give up their unjust posture; but as, rein hold Niebuhr has reminded us, group tend to be more immoral then individuals. In other words those who see the un-peaceful situation hold their tongue when with a group and the tension of the group restricts the one individual to not speak

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