Social Media Annotated Bibliography

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References O'Keeffe, G.S., Clarke-Pearson, K. (2011). The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families. The American Academy of Pediatrics. Retrieved October 16, 2015 from In this article, O'Keeffe, M.D. and Clarke-Pearson, M.D. weigh the positives and negatives of social media against each other. Both of these women are with the American Academy of Pediatrics. They subjectively write this article for the public's information and back up their statements with research carried out by other reliable sources and themselves. Madden, M., Lenhart, A., Cortesi, S., Gasser, U., Duggan, M. Smith, A., Beaton, M. (2013). Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. Pew Research Center. Retrieved October 16, 2015 from …show more content…

(2014). America's ugly epidemic of social media envy. NY Post. Retrieved October 13, 2015 from Karol Markowicz writes her paper mostly based on her own opinion for the New York Post, but uses credible sources to back some her claims as well. She uses studies from the University of Michigan, for example, to prove her points on the feelings induced by social media. The content in the article is from a consistent and relates to the topic of how social media is affecting how society feels and their general behavior because of it. Beres, D. (2015). Heavy Facebook Use Makes Some People Jealous And Depressed: Study. Retrieved from Damon Beres, the writer of this article, is the HuffPost Tech editor for the Huffington Post. He uses data from a few researchers to draw his conclusions on how Facebook affects people's behavior. Although his findings are specific to Facebook, the content can still be applied to other facets of social media, which is why this article is so

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