Eating Disorders: The Negative Influence Of Social Media

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Since the beginning of high-school, my cousin struggled mightily with a negative self-image, caused by her peers and others on social media. With all the negativity from Instagram and even from TV shows, she ended up developing an eating disorder. Her eating disorder became so terrible that she ended up severely underweight, and because of that, she had bad health. One day she was taking a shower and fell; because she was so skinny from her eating disorder, she died from the fall. The past year we have all felt the loss of her, and miss her very much. Negative body influences caused by the media is affecting the world so much today that people will develop eating disorders and possibly die. To help solve this problem, people from all around …show more content…

Teens don’t realize they are perfect the way they are so parents should help them become more confident in themselves. Dove did an experiment on teens and social media and told parents the best way to help their kids is to “understand and embrace how social media affects young people because it is young people 's accepted currency of communication today.”(Dove). Parents should try and understand how social media works so they can make sure their kids are away from all the harmful things. If people don’t have a parent they are close to or are already an adult, then there are some individual things someone can do to boost their confidence, then Dove also says, “understand and embrace how social media affects young people because it is young people 's accepted currency of communication today.”(Dove) Dove helps explain how you can approve a low-self-esteem because Rachel says “changing the way media portrays women is a long-term goal for many advocacy groups. There are currently national and international efforts to make markets take responsibility for displaying pictures of men and women that are unrealistic.”(Mirror) The progress towards fixing this is moving forward, but it takes a while, so dove helps explain how to help yourself and your kids in the …show more content…

People feel the need to be thin because society and the media make us think that’s the only way to be pretty. It’s hard to break this way of thinking, someone could make it their life’s work to break this thought from the media, but you can’t make someone change, you can only influence them too. The issue can really affect kids, so parents should learn how to help them because you always want the best for your child, rather them safe and healthy than dead, right? Parents need to be there and help their kid’s and Kandel agrees, “ Johanna Kandel, founder of the alliance for eating disorders awareness, stresses the value of having two-way discussions with your child about social media use.” Parents should teach and help their kids to watch movies and shows that don’t break down their body confidence. Parents should also monitor their kid 's social media and restrict them from seeing things that might make them feel bad about themselves and lead to severe

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