Why Thinking You Re Ugly Is Bad For You Analysis

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Meaghan Ramsey's TED Talk "Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you" is a powerful speech about low body confidence. Ramsey talks about how society's pressure to be perfect is one of the main reason for young girls' (and boys') low body confidence and how these feelings of low esteem can impact their lives and futures. I chose to analyze this speech because I have experienced low body confidence and I have felt those feelings of low self-esteem. In Meaghan Ramsey's speech "Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you", she discusses how low body confidence is undermining academic achievement, damaging health, and limiting the economic potential of today's youth who are growing up in a world of social media. Ramsey has a strong start to her speech, using a photo and a story about her niece to gain the attention of the audience. She uses the photo and the story about her niece loving her own reflection and giving herself kisses in the mirror to capture the attention of the audience. Starting a speech with a story and visual is a great idea because the speaker makes themselves relatable to the audience. After her story, Ramsey moves into her introduction, where she starts with the question "When is it suddenly not okay to love the way that we look?". She then follows …show more content…

She discusses how students' academics, health, and economic contributions are affected by the unreachable standards society sets for them and that we have to be the ones to turn it around. Ramsey provides the audience with ideas on how to make a difference for the generations to come, like to educate on body confidence, to be better role models, and to work together to change the culture. It is on us, the current generations, to start making changes now so that the generations to come will be happy and confident in

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