Argumentative Essay On Body Shaming

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Body shaming is one of the biggest problems in today’s generation. It is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body, size or weight. It is obvious that all of us come in different shapes and sizes but society and the media puts a lot of pressure on us with beauty stereotypes and standards to deem some as healthy and some not. Recently, there has been a lot of controversy recently about body image and body shaming, especially among teenagers. Body shaming is an extremely personal concept and can take a negative toll on a person. The harmful effects of body shaming among teenagers include lowering their self-esteem and confidence, leads to their poor mental helath and causes weight gain. Firstly, body shaming lowers a teen’s self-esteem. It is common for young people to feel …show more content…

Fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating, in order to make them feel ashamed of themselves. Apparently, some people believe that making overweight people feel ashamed of themselves will motivate them to change their behavior so they start eating less, exercising more and finally start to lose weight. Others are just horrible human beings, plain and simple. Horrible people often feel comfortable saying things over the internet that they would not say in real life. However, when someone falls prey to body shaming, it puts a lot of stress on them and in the case of overweight teens, it can drive them to handle that stress by taking in more calories and gaining even more weight. Many observational studies have looked at weight discrimination and the risk of future weight gain and obesity. In one study of 6,157 people, non-obese participants who experienced weight discrimination were 2.5 times more likely to become obese over the next few years. This shows that fat shaming is certainly NOT likely to motivate people to lose

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