Human Development: Case Study For Human Growth And Development

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Case Study – Linda Prepared by Margaret Mills For Human Growth and Development QQI Level 5 Assignment February 2016 Introduction Linda is a 14 year old teenager who comes for respite at regular intervals to the care home I work in. Linda appears bubbly and out going and always mixes well with her peer group. On this occasion I notice Linda appears withdrawn and has lost a lot of weight she is not interacting with the other members for social activities. One of the other teenagers has told me that Linda has confided in her that she is being bullied in school and being called fat so she thinks if she doesn’t eat she will become thin and won’t get bullied. In this assignment we are going to look at how we …show more content…

Eating disorders are very common in teenagers especially girls as popular culture is inclined to portray being thin as how all young girls should be.(mayoclinic 1998-2016) even if they are thin they can still believe they are fat and this can lead to them being obsessed with their weight. Puberty can also be a major problem for teenagers as their body changes and also their hormones are changing all the time. (Girls health may 2014) Intellectual; because Linda is being bullied and told she is fat she has very low self esteem. This can lead to her not wanting to interact with other people her age and spending a lot of time alone this is where councillors can help by talking to her and getting her to talk about her own problems. Psychologist David Elkind argued that adolescents go through a stage of self absorption that leads them to only being able to see the world through their perspective. This is called egocentric pressure where teenagers are conscious of their image at all times and believe every one is looking at …show more content…

A social worker can help Linda and her family deal with any problems they are having and set up support services to help the family. A psychologist or counsellor will discuss any concerns or problems that might have being happening in the past, and how to improve thing in the future. A doctor can help by monitor Linda’s health throughout her recovery, health care support workers and nurses can educated her on her mental health and wellbeing and provide around the clock care and support. Good team work and communication skills are needed between the MDT to provide the best care for Linda and a proper care plan put in place and updated regularly. Regular meeting between the MDT Linda and her family are need to keep an update her progress. They will need to provide the support until such time as Linda is fully

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