Bulimia Nervosa Research Paper

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“I’m so fat, why can’t I be skinny just like her!” “How does she get the perfect body, while I’m stuck with all of this fat!” These statements are common among teenage girls of today’s society. Social media of today shows unreal pictures of photoshopped models and the “perfect life”. This leads to discontent of young women with their body and lives. Young women strive for the perfect body, even if they have to damage their body and emotional well being. Girls turn to eating disorders to solve their “problems”. They make delusions in their heads that show that these horrible disorders are helping her body. Anorexia and Bulimia are two of the best known eating disorders found in young girls around the world. Bulimia Nervosa is a possibly deadly eating disorder that damages your emotional well-being that we need to be looking for in loved ones around us. Bulimia Nervosa is never the right way to turn if you are discontent with your body. …show more content…

Bulimia means ravenous hunger. Bulimia Nervosa means nervous ravenous hunger. Bulimia Nervosa was found common among civilizations that date back hundreds of years ago. It was popular among many certain ancient cultures. The first documentation was in Xenophon 's Anabias. Xenophon was a Greek historian, soldier, student of Socrates and a mercenary. This meant he was a professional soldier that was hired by foreign armies to fight. Xenophon wrote of how when he was marching through mountains in Asia Minor, soldiers would purge themselves. Even later in history, In Ancient Egypt, physicians would encourage citizens to purge themselves for three days every month. They believed that this would bring good health. Bulimia Nervosa was first named and really brought into the limelight when british psychiatrist Gerald Russell “discovered” the disorder in 1979. He publish multiple in depth newspaper articles about what the disorder was and how popular the eating disorder really is then and long ago in

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