Bullying And Body Image In The List By Siobhan Vivian

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In The book The List by Siobhan Vivian reveals how bullying, and body image can affect a person physically, mentally, and socially. People across the world have a negative body image. Having a negative body image can lead to many effects that could eventually lead to death. Many people are also bullied throughout their lives. Bullies often put other people down about their looks, which can cause people to have a negative body image. According to dosomething.org about 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies in the world today. In the world today many people struggle with the way their body looks, and bullies that often degrade people for the way they look. Being bullied, or having a negative body image can effect a persons life in many ways. Many people have a negative body image, even girls that appear to be "pretty and popular". Physical effects of bullying, and a negative body image could include anorexia, cutting, or purging. When dealing with mental effects of body image many people develop thoughts of suicide when dealing with stress and anxiety out on them. When social effects …show more content…

Bullying often leads to a unhealthy body image. in the book autobiography of a face you really see how mean a bully can be. The book states a a quote someone said about Lucy the main character; "what on earth is that? That is the ugliest girl I've ever seen" no one in the school really knew why Lucy was missing part of her jaw, they all just jumped to a conclusion that she was ugly because she didn't look the same as everyone else. This quote that was said about Lucy made her very more self conscience than she already was. She already had a negative body image and would do anything to change her appearance Lucy eventually over came her negative body image with help from her family. If you are struggling with a negative body image you should seek help from family and friends to get you though this tough time, just like

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