Figueroa's Framework Essay

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Figueroa’s framework

Interpersonal Level of Figueroa’s framework explores the influence that interactions with others have on equity and opportunities to access physical activity. The interpersonal level is divided into five main sublevels, family, peers, teachers, coaches and role models. The aim of this investigation is to discuss whether I am effected by family, peers, teachers, coaches and role models on an interposal level or individual level. During this section of work I will be talking about how I am affected, when, why and where I am effected.

Professor Peter Figueroa developed a set of 5 levels to investigate the issues surrounding access, equity and equality in sport and physical activity. It is currently known as “Figueroa’s framework”. The levels is widened over five separate categories: …show more content…

Body image can also impact the type of physical activity you feel comfortable participating in, how you feel about it and your outlook on sport. One’s body image can affect their total outlook of physical education / training (i.e. if they are smaller / shorter than anyone else there or they are taller / plumper than anyone else there.) Many who are self-conscious and anxious about their appearance may prefer to exercise alone and have lower levels of enjoyment.

In relation to the interpersonal level of Figueroa’s framework, I believe that my participation has been effected due to all factors of the interpersonal level. In conclusion it is evident that Figueroa’s Framework has a huge impact on all individuals who participate in sport. In a way it shapes our personal views and beliefs on a particular sport, exercise or physical activity. It is evident that the interpersonal level has the most impact on a person’s choices and opinions and this often stops an individual from participating in physical

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