Friday Night Light Book Report

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From the beginning of the Greek, Romans to our day-to-day life, sports has been affecting all its users. We can safely assume now that a body in motion will stay in motion, with that, a body at rest will tend to stay at rest. Our thoughts and our worries will flee our state of mind when we experience great physical activities. We’ve grown along with the fascinating culture of sports, we’ve all aged from our experiences and learned to build up from the past. As we continue to move on, sports and physical exertion will both increase and become more efficient. To be more specific in the areas we have evolved, we have increased our overall tolerance in cultural and gender differences in sports though it could still improve. We prove such even in our own school system, our Santa Teresa sports activities. We have a variety of people here in Santa Teresa, which includes our staff members and students, who all support others into being physical in their daily lives. Even as we age, we grow new perspectives and thoughts on sports, from riding …show more content…

In the book many topics are tackled and brought to life, and that would be; community, diversity, and exposure. Once we realize how important sports is, however, diving into the stress and anxiety, it withholds will not be a great experience. Along with the fun comes much baggage some don’t want to deal with, however sometimes it will prove drastically incredible for you. In our novel, I experienced the truths in working hard and experiencing a drive to what you want to do and witnessing the drive in these football players. Even from my own experiences, I can tell that completing something like this will have such a gratifying feeling to it afterwards, like you accomplished something you worked so hard for. All in all, this book was a great story and I learned so much from it, I’m elated that I had the chance to read

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