Friday Night Lights Research Paper

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The Unexpected That Changed My Life for the Better Friday Night Lights not only refers to the stadium that football players play in, but it also refers to every Friday night in September through November. That simple phrase brings back several memories, that carry emotional weight. Memories that are exciting, awe-inspiring, and even painful, and frustrating. The poem “Friday Night Lights” by Gerald Locklin summarizes some of the emotions that come with playing a sport, and brings about a deeper thought process. Being a part of a sport becomes your life, it teaches life lessons, helps build your personality, and shows you passions you never would have dreamed of. Growing up playing a sport, that sport becomes a part of you. It not only becomes a part of your everyday life, but it also becomes a contribution to your personality. “Friday Night Lights” or as I knew it: Monday, and Thursday night lights, became what I looked forward to most as a child. I started playing softball at the age of four, and my team played every Monday and Thursday night from the month of March to around the middle of June, for six years. When I turned ten years old, softball became a year-round sport because of it being more competitive. My team played games up to two times a week and then four to eight games on the weekend, not to mention occasional practices in between as …show more content…

During my senior year of high school, part of my management role was to run drills with the varsity team as well as the younger teams. I loved being able to help the players better themselves, motivate them when they were down, and cheer them on when they succeeded. Softball also influenced me in wanting to one day have my own team to coach, and even encourage my own future children to play the sport. So, they too can have dreams to chase, and one day have a “voice [that] will never cease to narrate/ The bittersweet scenarios of heroism”

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