Synopsis Of Friday Night Lights By Buzz Bissinger

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Would I recommend the book? Yes i would because it is inspiring, faithful, and strong.
Friday Night Lights was written in 1990 by Buzz Bissinger. The story is about a high school football team from Odessa, Texas. This team strives to make a run for the Texas
State Championship.
It all begins in the middle of august 1988, just before the football seasons began. Inside the fieldhouse is a picture of each player who had made all-state during the last 29 years. They hang immortalized in a picture frame, a reminder of what glory looks like.
The field house is also draped in permian white and black with various nostalgic items carefully placed. To the people of odessa, this field households more significance than any museum or cultural landmark. …show more content…

Not shortly after boobie miles a black player is represented to take his team to the state finals. But on his way to attempt this goal an accident happens to boobie miles during his invincibility. During his pre-seasons scrimmage against the palo duro high school Dons. as usual boobie is flying down the field unstoppable. This time one of boobies coveted black nike cleats get stuck in the turf and another player falls landing on his left knee. The team trainer feels boobies knee and is worried that boobie will never play the same way again.
Lastly the football team had to go on without boobie and had won a few games the last and final game for the state semi-finals championships against carter high school in dallas permian’s final opponent for the state semi-finals. This is a middle class school that is primarily black. After arguing about where to hold the final game both permian, and carter decide on a neutral site. Memorial stadium at texas A&M will be the place the game will be held. Come to think about it to permian realized the carter high school boys are way stronger and tougher than them. There is much verbal baiting towards the permian players from carter. The game is close and decided by a final permian

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