Remember The Titans Analysis Essay

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Remember the Titans is a film based on true events that took place in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. Two groups of people were forced together by the desegregation of T.C Williams High School. Despite the indefinite integration of the black and white students, the town was still living in a racially divided society. African American football coach Herman Boone’s arrival to T.C Williams further complicated things. In an attempt to tranquilize the escalating racial tensions he was given the head coaching position in hopes to placate the African /American community. This action by the school board resulted in the demotion of the schools seasoned, Hall of Fame nominee; Bill Yoast (Caucasian). Coach Boone suggests to Yoast that he stay on as assistant head coach. Boone tells Yoast “I think it would go a long way to smooth things over” Yoast initially refuses but is humbled when his team communicates their plan to boycott the school if he can’t be their coach. What follows is a series of racially driven conflicts and it’s up to Boone to get them to see beyond race and work towards a common goal as a united team as they leave for football camp. Boone’s leadership throughout camp never waivers. He uses a series of skills to motivate the team and inspire the minds of his players. …show more content…

There are many ways in which group dynamics resonate in this film. Group work can foster connections and provide an opportunity /for group members to feel bonded. The Titans football team is a task group; the ultimate role of the group is to have the players come together as one unit. However, there are critical group dynamics that threaten the team’s ability to function properly. The external pressures significantly affect the formation of the team. Personal identity and complex interpersonal interactions result in a highly charged environment and a tense group

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