Coach Herman Boone's Leadership In Remember The Titans

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The desire to win in leadership sets a context where true beneficial aspects and lessons are learnt and taught. The lessons cover ethical principles and aspects of responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, and trustworthiness. These styles are based on the film Remember the Titans.’ The backdrop in the film presents itself in football and racism which are the aspects that clash with the leadership styles. Coach Herman Boone’s leadership styles manifest themselves based on his upbringing which provides a tough exterior. Based on a tough and rough childhood, he has become a civil right activist. The experience and tough background he went through impacts so much on his leadership styles. In his first meeting with coaching staff at Titan, he had the idea and notion that he was not wanted. Throughout the meeting he remained polite and calm despite being pushed back .He portrayed a leadership style of being diplomatic and respectful with a clear agenda which was winning. On becoming head coach he adopts an authoritative approach and seizes control in order to set a tone for the team and staff to follow. He makes it clear that his leadership is a dictatorship and he is the …show more content…

Bill advocates for participatory decision making involving all the staff so that they are all involved. Bill serves under coach Boone and devotes himself to correct and warn him on the pressure he puts to the players. Despite schemes that are propagated by the school in order to halt coach Boone plans for the team, he remains positive and finds ways to overcome the negative handles. He leads with positive minded approach which later transforms the players to a winning team. The styles that are detrimental in the film include the authoritative leadership depicted by Boone and the prejudiced leadership which is evident in the whole community. The role of leading is never easy and every decision made is prone to

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