Analysis Of Quiet Strength By Tony Dungy

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Discovery Famous football coach, Tony Dungy, is consistently a man of honor and strength throughout his book “Quiet Strength”. His book is a memoir of his life which captures his discovery of what it means to be a Godly leader and how to live it out both on and off the field. With his son 's tragic suicide, and media fiascos with players, Tony discovers that listening to God and who he has put in our lives will give him peace and wisdom. Tonys upbringing set him up for a lifetime of possibilities which allowed him to go farther than most. I connected most with how Tony handled his son’s suicide, he handled it in a manner I wish i could and would have. Tony Dungy 's childhood was different than those around him. Unlike his classmates who were raised under the belief that they would grow up and work at a factory, his parents raised him with the belief that whatever he wanted he could achieve, including college. Tony was raised in a uneducated town with educated parents who made it their mission to help kids be their best. With this childhood Tony is able to see the world very differently. Unlike other coaches, Tony doesn 't give up on his players, he sticks with them and tries different ways of explaining. This goes back to his mom 's discovery that all students could succeed with the right instruction, which in turn influenced Tony to see the world a little bit differently than everyone else. Quiet strength is not just about tony dungy it is about how one person 's

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