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Adriana Iturbide Academic Writing Ms. Pryia Dec. 1. 2015 Who is Tony Romo? Have you ever heard the name Tony Romo? Tony Romo is the best football player of all times! Tony Romo is willing to do what it takes to be a good football player. If you’ve never heard of him, well, now you will.I hope you like it. Let 's move on! His real name is Antonio Ramiro. He was born in San Diego, California, on April 21. His Parents are Ramiro Romo and his mom is Joan Romo, Tony Romo’s dad is from Italy. Tony has two sons. Their names are, Rivers Romo and Hawkins Romo, and his wife Candice Crawford, she is a model. His Height Is 6 '2”. That is tall. He is taller than my dad. His Passion is Football. He went to college in Eastern Illinois University. It is located on Charleston. When Tony started playing …show more content…

He made a record of four Pro Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys, that is like one of the best records. Romo has been in 347 games, and has passed the ball 4,483. His first game was in the Carolina Panthers on October 29, 2006. Tony Romo is the best player of the Dallas Cowboys (a team). When Romo was playing, he was one who helped the Dallas Cowboys win games. He broke a finger throwing a ball in Arizona. In conclusion I think that tony has been successful because even when he broke lots of bones he keeps playing. He had a back surgery, in 11/23/2014 but now he is fully recovered. As a football player Tony’s records are really good. He is a positive leader to his teammates. He is a quarterback, he needs to pass the ball to the teammates to make a touchdown. He became the 3rd best quarterback from the Dallas Cowboys he is great. It is interesting not to only know about his football life, also about his personal life. I chose him because with my family we always watch american football. My dad likes that team, it is his favorite team. Did you get to know about Tony Romo? I hope you did! Thank you for reading and I hope you liked

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