Joe Montana Biography

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Have you ever wondered who all the greats of football are? I do and I think everyone else should too. Because Joe Montana had such a great impact on the game of football, true fans should know his early life, his college experience, and NFL start.
Joe was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania on june 11, 1956. By now he would be almost 60 years old but he probably still get a few good throws in.In high school, he set many records and always wen’t on top of they games. In high school he set 14 records. He went to Ringgold high school. His real name wasn’t Joe it was Joseph Clifford Montana and he had a lot of fun but when came to game day he was focused and ready.He didn’t always play football he also played basketball and baseball. When he got into high school his coach said that he was meant to be a quarterback and that he was a gift from god but he at first he was seventh string. He had one motto and that was there was no-nonsense and blue-collar background.(Joe Montana Biography)
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So when he was deciding he got his inspiration from his coach saying that he was amazing and ended up going to Notre Dame for football. He was very good there and he had one of the greatest comebacks in history when he fought the flu to spark a fourth quarter comeback against the University of Houston. He had many different comebacks, but that one was amazing. But in his junior year he redshirted and he didn 't get to play the season before from a shoulder injury. He had big hopes that when he came back onto the field everyone would scream and yell for him, but since he was out he lost the starting position and couldn 't play that much.(ESPN Montana Was A
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