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In the United States today there is a big problem with concussions in all levels of football. “An estimated 3.8 million sports concussions occur in the U.S. each year ‘, said by Dr. Stanley Herring of the University of Washington, a concussion expert and team doctor for the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners.”(McCrabb) A concussion is an injury due to a hard hit or fall to the head. It can cause permanent brain damage if not treated correctly. In this time of age you here in the news of football players retiring early because they are scare to get concussions. Also you hear of retired football players, many years after the players retire they come up with some kind of brain damage or disorder that results in suicide in most cases. We…show more content…
Also it helps with teaching the players the proper technique to hit and tackle an opposing player because they don’t want the players to get more concussions. This also helps coaches because it takes choice of putting a player back into the game or practice because the coaches aren’t medical experts and only have to worry about coaching the players and leave it up to the medical professionals on the…show more content…
But, some schools do not have the money for adequate protective equipment. So, the concussion protocol will help them recover from receiving a concussion in a practice or game. The only problem is how they can prevent concussions even with the concussion protocol even with the not up to standard equipment to protect the players. Another con is that the football players will not say they got a concussion and will get a big hit and walk fine and still have some dizziness. The players will not come out because they don’t want to be a sissy and want to keep on playing with their teammates. The medical professionals and coaches will not know the player has a concussion until after the game and it might be too late. It does not apply to the players telling them they have to come out even when they don’t get a hard it and still feel dizzy. We cannot know of some of the small concussion that occur each game without the players telling us they have concussion symptoms. A story of this was in 2013, a football player got injured and did not tell anyone of the injury. He was vomiting pervsley for three days straight. His mother took him to the doctor and treated him for stomach virus. When he came back to football he started vomiting from running. The player had to drop out of school because of his concussion. He sat in the dark for many days. Her son had

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