The Role Of Concussions In Professional Football

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Stanford football team and the gyroscope allowed them to measure the rotation of the head when they were hit, but the device is only limited in such that it can only measure the skull motion. Due to the research Camarillo concluded that corpus callosum might be one of the most common mechanisms of a concussion, it causes a dissociation between your right and your left brain and could explain some of the symptoms of concussion. Camarillo stated during the video that “what we think is that if we can slow the head down just enough so that the brain does not lag behind the skull but instead it moves in synchrony with the skull, then we might be able to prevent this mechanism of concussion. His team and lab also studied concussions with a neck collar that also had the same sensors in it as the mouth guard, which they found out that it can greatly reduce the risk of concussion in some scenarios compared to a normal bicycle helmet (Camarillo).
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Since scientist have begun studying the effects of concussions on the brain with professional football players it has become apparent that concussions can lead to permanent brain damage and memory loss. Also, studies show that because of the speed and hits they receive every day, retired football players have developed brain diseases and short term memory which has made their lives a blight. Since the link of concussions to brain damage has been made, the NFL has made changes in the league to prevent these traumatic diseases. The league has changed the way they practice on the field and even the equipment they use. Even though there is no definite answer to solving the serious amounts of concussive cases in football, the game of football still goes on and precautions are being taken to prevent dramatic

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