Nfl Concussions

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As concussions occur more and more in the NFL and among teens, more research has been conducted. There has been research on teens that concussions had occurred in teen’s brains, to find out what type of hit teens gotten by football may of suffer from it. There are many concussions in the NFL and especially teens who play football that have suffered death and never to play the sport they love. Teens and athletes who love the sport football, have been suffered by concussions that had ruin their playing for the most of this moments but research has been conducted of ways to help out teens and NFL. To prevent concussions, coaches and parents have the right to support their athletes to mental support from doctors. To begin with, Harmon from CNN …show more content…

Firstly Minnpost states “ football has the highest injury rate of any teamsport aged nine through twelve who has played football experiences an average of 240 head impacts during a single season. Parents and new televisions has spoken and has notice since events happening in football has caught them that football is a rough-housing sport. Since children ages nine through twelve are more likely to get hit in the head, show teens are manufacturing that this could be a rough sport for them to play may lead to a problem. In addition, Boston University School of Medicine states “ the study lead by Boston University involved forty-two retired NFL players, aged forty through sixty-nine who had experienced memory and thinking problems since playing football in the NFL for some point of their life. Colleges and Medicine research are trying to see what causes these concussions and deaths from football that shows that this could lead to more further research. Medicine have been analyzing more research to find why these ages play a numerous role in football to see if they suffered a concussion or death. Lastly, Minnpost states “ playing tackle football before the age of twelve is associated with an increased risk of developing and memory thinking middle ages had suffered. Medical researchers have found why kids caused themselves to play football at the age of twelve, since they love the sport football and had suffered this will cause them to exaggerate them to play on the field. In the end, kids at age twelve will mostly likely suffer head impacts in the beginning of the season, some Universities had already studied NFL players who had suffered memory loss for playing most of their life in football. As a twelve year old they will mostly suffer football at a young age because this is an increase of risk that may cause him growing up having memory thinking and

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