Concussions In Sports

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Concussions are a big fear in any sport from ice hockey to cheerleading. That is why sports players should get a regular check-up for concussions. One of the main problems are that deaths are occurring from unaware parents or trainers. A young man that played in maryland died at the prime of his life because of head trauma. The investigation states that the man had a four hour practice that included multiple helmet to helmet collisions. The coach of this team have been to have told the kids to hit with their head and not shoulder. I don't know if the coach was uneducated or just incompetent but either way we it shows we need to educate more people on concussion prevention.

Football is not the only sport that we should worry about concussions. Studies have shown that out of 100,000 concussion patients 64-76 of them are football, 54 of them are ice hockey players, 33 of them are girls soccer players. These continue to drop all the way to girls gymnastics with only 7. Football has the highest percentage of concussion rates at a high 47%. Concussions get more likely when the player is from 11-17 years of age, 1-5 sports players in high school will sustain a concussion in the season. These are only a few studies that have been completed, but many more will come throughout the years. …show more content…

As long as the player follows the rules and wears the correct protective gear. Also, parents and coaches should practice and inform the players of good sportsmanship to lower unnecessary aggression on the field or ice. Another way to prevent players to not get hurt is to teach good technique on how to hit or check not making big mistakes to hurt themselves or other players. These are just some of the reasons why we should have sports players take concussion tests regularly, and teach them how to be safe. Doctors should also teach trainers on the symptoms of concussions to try to stop

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