Short And Long-Term Effects Of Concussions

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Concussions despite being mild or severe need to be correctly attended to, as there will always be some form of effect. Concussions need to be handled correctly to minimize the risk of dangerous and life-altering outcomes.
A concussion is a disturbance of brain function that involves a complex pathophysiological process and is referred to as a brain injury (Harmon et al., 2013; Echemendia, 2012). Consequently, being unconscious is a pathological state.
Concussions are generally related to a direct impact to the head that is generally from a collision, a fall or being hit by an object (Seifert, 2013).
Due to the likely-hood of having short and long-term effects on an individual, concussions in sport are a public health issues, and if they are not correctly attended to, they could damage an individual’s life permanently (Tator, 2012). …show more content…

Concussions in sport are a public health issue and it is important to correctly attend to them so that players lessen their risk of sequels.
Concussions are invisible injuries that are consequences of a knock on the head that then causes the brain to accelerate then decelerate (Echemendia, 2012; Caron, Bloom, Johnston & Sabiston, 2013). This leaves the rest of body with a force that is transmitted to the head and often there is no full recovery (Echemendia, 2012; Caron et al.,

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