Persuasive Essay On Concussions In Sports

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Concussions in sports have been on a rise more than ever, not only just in football but also in other sports such as kids’ soccer and ice hockey. There are major outcomes that can occur with concussions, as in C.T.E. (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). This condition occurs when a player is hit, gets a concussion and part of the brain vessels block off with dead brain vessels. This has caused multiple deaths in many athletes like Mike Webster, a former Pittsburgh Steeler, who lived in his truck while going insane. He would taser himself just to go to sleep because of concussions in his former football career. Webster and many such as Terry Long, Junior Seau, and Andrew Waters have died because of concussions and C.T.E. and today it is on …show more content…

With all the different treatment processes which are the best? Hines Ward once said after his concussion “If you want to prevent concussions, take the helmet off: play old school football with leather helmets, no facemask, when you put a helmet on you’re going to use it as a weapon.”(Piazza). The N.F.L. will spend $40 million in the next five years on long-term effects of concussions and C.T.E., and $100 million has already spent in long-term studies on the impact of concussions and repeated head blows (Belson). A new helmet is being designed by Peter Halldin and Hansvon Holst are making a helmet that allows sliding between helmet and head. An inner shell, which is attached to the helmet with joints that move under certain angles of impact. When a glancing blow lands at an angle, the helmet will rotate while the head does not move (Piazza). There is also a new program known as HITS, which allows researchers to find real world impacts as well as the location where impact occurs (Piazza). Richard Greenwald used HITS in a study in Brown University in 2008 nearly 300,000 impacts occurred while helmet on helmet (Piazza). Concussions in sports have risen due to the cause of head trauma, will it continue to get worse, until someone does something about

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