The Pros And Cons Of Concussions

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What Can Concussions do to the Body? Over the previous decades, concussions have increasingly received attention in the world of sports. A concussion is a serious head injury that can happen to any player, and in just about any sport. Indeed, it has been happening to a countless number of athletes for centuries. However, it is also important to note that a concussion can also take place outside of sports, meaning it can happen to anybody. For instance, there have been incidents where a person tripped while running, fell, and the impact of their head’s contact with the ground caused a concussion. Or, in a car accident many front-seat passengers, or even the driver, have slammed their heads against the dashboard/steering wheel, also possibly resulting in a concussion. Concussions when treated can be healed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, throughout history, there has been a tendency for people to overlook a concussion as a serious injury, therefore, making it more problematic than it already is. In the times to come, there will certainly continue to be dangers for athletes in just about any sport, as they are unavoidable. However, focusing strictly …show more content…

Simple concussions, which are mild and relatively common among children and adolescents, gradually resolve within a week to 10 days. As long as another head injury is not sustained, mild concussions usually do not result in complications or long-term health risks. Complex concussions, on the contrary, do result in tenacious symptoms and can affect brain function long term. The expansions risk for complications, such as swelling or bleeding in the brain, seizures, and post-concussion syndrome (e.g., persistent headache, dizziness, or blurred vision), is seen with complex concussions. Severe concussions, and the incident of one receiving multiple concussions, is characterized as

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