Concussions In Sports

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Injuries in sports are inevitable, and can range in complexity. We would never know how bad an injury is unless we get checked out by a license medical professional. But in some cases the injury might not be able to be seen by the naked eye. An injury that might not be able to be noticed is a concussion. A concussion can range from mild to severe and was never a major problem in football until the last decade. When you play football you are almost prone to injuries just by violent nature of the sport, with the help of the media, and the national football league (NFL), an injury consistent with a concussion has been high lightened and examined over the course of the last decade to try to assist in the prevention of a concussion. A concussion …show more content…

But it is harder to tell then just from these symptoms. As I stated above concussions cannot be seen by the naked eye because you do not have to get knocked down in order to get one. Sometimes a concussion can go unnoticed for days or weeks, and can take a toll on the way you interact with people. Some people will get agitated and angry while some might become sad or depressed. Bruises or cuts will not be visible on a person to be able to diagnosis a person with this condition. There are also long term effects that a concussion might have on you such as, memory problems, personality changes, language impairment, and lack of concentration ( To ensure the safety of individuals with concussion they will be ran through a series of test. One of the test is called a neurological examination which the doctor will run a series of test that involve items such as, vision, hearing, balance, coordination and reflexes. A doctor may run another test on individual known as cognitive testing which includes a person’s memory, concentration, and the ability to recall information. To exemplify cognitive testing, the doctor will say a few things, such as there is a green house, blue grass, and yellow fence and will have the individual repeat this back to him to see your ability to remember

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