How Concussions Affect Student Athletes

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Tough luck on the field and courts for players in extreme contact sports happen almost frequently. From broken arms, fingers, shoulders, and etc; no other sports injury is more detrimental to athletes then receiving a concussion. The strength of players to take hard hits and get back to the game is always amazing however it is not safe for the players. Although safety measures and protective wear have improved, players need additional time to bounce back from concussions. Athletes who suffer from concussions have long lasting problems that impair both cognitive and physical functioning. So how will extra periods of sports related injury breaks be beneficial?

Today student-athletes may play a variety of sports. With football, hockey, and baseball all ringing in number one as concussion prone sports. According to "Heads up: Concussions in High School Sports" article, 5% of high school athletes are concussed each year when participating in collision prone sports. With just about 10% of athletes needed at least 7 days to recover from just the basic effects of an concussion this leaves other athletes to live with the effects for at least 30 years …show more content…

Studies have concluded that not just one concussion increase the risk for subsequent concussions but rather a frequent history of concussions may lead to slower recovery functions. The risk of permanent brain injury each time you receive a concussion increases. Article #1 said that high school students alone are three times more likely to receive a second concussion if they experienced one the first season. The point that is being made is that the more frequent the concussions without time to recoup nor assess the damage proves to mine highly detrimental to athletes. This issue raises awareness to the importance of needed time for the players to have after being diagnosed with a

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