Concussions In High School Sports Essay

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Each year high school athletes suffer from concussions more frequently. In the article, “After a Concussion it’s Unclear When -or if- High School Athletes Should Return to Action,” by Sam McDowell, this issue is addressed. The problem faced with this issue is many states are forming new laws and regulations on how soon athletes who have suffered concussions can return to the game. Not only are states making legal actions, but parents and doctors are stepping up to make sure athletes are ready before clearance is given. “I think we all worry about sending a kid back out there too soon. Any doctor who says otherwise is lying,” said Greg Canty, director of the Center for Sports Medicine at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Concussions are a big issue today, and should be treated even more serious than they are. There are many viewpoints regarding this issue. The first article I viewed concerning when players should return, or if they should was Sam McDowell’s article previously mentioned. This article not only has opinions from …show more content…

Dawn Comstock, and “Concussions in High School Sports” by Fred Theye and Karla A Mueller. Both of these Articles focus on the same issues addressed in previous articles, though they were written in 2004-2008. Since this time period, many more cases are being seen and there are many more guidelines set in place. Along with these stricter guidelines, there has been much more research done from 2004 to 2015. Unlike the previous articles I have mentioned, these have graphs giving visual aid helping me better understand the statistics. In these graphs I was able to see a side by side comparison of football injuries each year compared to other sports. Football was the highest out of all sports, boys or girls, and soccer was the second highest amount with not even 50% of the cases reported in

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