Concussion In High School Sports Essay

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When student athletes participate in contact sports, they run the risk of getting a concussion. A concussion, according to The American Academy of Neurology, is defined as "A trauma induced alteration in mental statues that may or may not result in loss of consciousness". Short term effects could cause a change in mood, along with headaches and nausea; whereas long term effects of a concussion can range from drastic behavioral changes and mood disturbances to cognitive difficulties. These symptoms are very prevalent in student athletes that may get a concussion and can only get worse when one has been re-concussed. I believe that student athletes should be required to sit out for a longer period of time following the events of a concussion. …show more content…

If student athletes are required to sit out after experiencing a concussion, they would be less likely to contract another one out on the field. Once someone has reconcussed, a student could face potential brain damage in social-cognitive skills. If these students suffer from traumatic brain injury due to a concussion, it could inhibit their brain development and therefore possibly ruining their life if they do not …show more content…

Concussions can result in effects such as headaches, change in sleep patterns, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, depression, mood swings, memory less, loss of concentration, and slow reaction time. This can last a few hours to a few weeks and may appear immediately after the blow/ trauma leading to the concussion or may appear after a few days or weeks (Virginia Board of Education Guidelines for Policies on Concussions in Student Athletes). These symptoms, of course, do not get any better when one has been re-concussed. Symptoms could get even worse, and even fatal, when the chances of getting a second concussion are heightened following the

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