Persuasive Essay On Concussions

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In high school, athletes are in greater danger of getting a concussion, and the effects can be even more severe than they would be for adults. According to the second source, many states require licensed medical professionals to check out athletes immediately after a player acquires a head injury. There is no same-day return, with the new laws. Athletes of all different ages and sports are required to sit out for a certain amount of time after suffering a concussion; however, all high school athletes should sit out for a longer amount of time because the brain isn 't fully developed until the age of 21. Also, after teenage athletes have gotten a concussion they are very likely to get another one soon after which can lead to very serious effects. Concussions can lead to serious brain damage, therefore, high school athletes should be required to …show more content…

High school athletes are more vulnerable to concussions than older people and may take longer to recover, according to the first source. Because the consequences of being allowed to play prematurely are so critical to underdeveloped brains, high school athletes need to sit out for a longer period of time. The first article also stated that high school players are 3 times more likely to experience a second concussion if concussed during a season. The short and long term effects of a concussion become more severe when there are multiple concussions. It could be argued that athletes of all ages should be required to sit out longer. Although, this is definitely a safe option, athletes out of high school are less likely to experience brain damage after getting a concussion. When high school athletes are allowed to play again based solely on symptoms (or lack of), they are more susceptible to further injuries, therefore, it is safer to require them to sit out for a longer period of

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