Concussions Persuasive Speech

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cuncussion’s Once there was a boy named Paul, that always beat up Bob, every day, face swollen, black eye, bleeding nose, so he tells his dad. The next day the dad took the kid to school, and asked the son to point at the kid bullying him, he pointed at Paul and the dad punches Paul in the face so hard he was unconscious, Paul woke up in the hospital the doctor told him he had a concussion the kid was told he could go back to school but not to bump his head to much, so during recess, he followed the doctor 's advise, and sat on a bench but Bob saw him and following his dad 's example, he grabbed a metal baseballs bat, and hit Paul in the head with the bat. Paul woke up in the hospital, ringing in his ears and blurred vision he just got the double impact…show more content…
Children follow parents examples or play sports or even just trip can get concussions. It is a worldwide problem, and you must know how to prevent them, or at least know how to treat someone with a concussion Some parents don’t know how to treat concussions or know what they are so you should ask your doctor or physician. Coach’s are the people we expect to know all about concussions and how to handle a person with a concussions so it may surprise you that some of them don’t
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