Joe Meek's Influence On American Culture

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Joe Meek discovered Yellowstone Plateau. He was a mountain man. Mountain men were really into getting beaver, to make hats, as they were a popular fashion. There were four times as many french mountain men than american. There was a yearly meet up and they spent most of their money there. If they didn’t show up to the rendezvous, they were considered dead. Then, silk hats rose in popularity and beaver hats sank, ending the need for mountain men. Some became guides across west. Some moved out west. Meek became a politician in Oregon Territory. “Born in Washington County, died in Washington County.” The horse arrival had caused the kiowa to move to the black hills. The landmarks were incorporated into their religion. Then the Cheyenne and Lakota (Sioux) arrived. One Lakota named Lone Dog made a record in a spiral, each year marked by a symbol of the most memorable thing that happened that year. Many years were shown by wars. The wars were caused by the Lakota spreading out. The Lakota were the big kids on the playground. Hardcore warriors. Everybody either hated or feared them. There were many spanish speaking people lived in what is now the southwest of the US. After they won their independence, they let the americans move in a bit. They wanted to settle it so that the US would have to you know, not attack. Doesn’t …show more content…

They helped the wagon trains. The Indians hate the Whitmans. They tell them to leave. They don’t. Measles kill most Kiowa kiddos and their other people. They think the Whitmans are spreading it. Three NAs kill Marcus. They shoot Narcissa in the shoulder and kill her and mutilate her body. They burn the mission. The two Sager boys are both killed. Hannah Sager (6) and Meek’s daughter both die. The last 4 Sager kids find themselves parentless again. The militia get the Kiowa chief and several other Kiowas in the mountains. They were killed. Caroline Sager grew up and had 8

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