Chicano Struggles

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It seems as though race is not a substantial issue in the world today like it used to be. Everyone has a different background from where they come from and an ethnicity. Chicanos, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican Americans whatever you wanna call them. They 're just people, right? Around the 1960s, many individuals in this group were faced with difficult issues throughout their lives. Whites treated these individuals with disrespect, discrimination, and viewed themselves as superior compared to the inferior chicanos. In the year 1848 Mexico lost in the Mexican American War which made them look powerless and weak to the whites, due to them winning over all of the Mexican Territory. Due to Americans winning the war, all property now belonged to them. …show more content…

Many believed by not allowing spanish to be spoken, these individuals could leave behind their culture and history, as well as adapt to the white american culture more efficiently. There were many hardships such as being forced to work in labor jobs, and still being put under the poverty line although the work never stopped. Careers were a dream in which no chicano could possibly get due to their background. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was put into place after Chicanos stood up to the Whites for not having equal rights or opportunity. In the year 1948, Cesar Chavez joined the Community Service Organization (also known as the CSO) in California, and is known to become an organizer in the Mexican American Community. Subsequently Chevez became known as a fighting racial and economic discrimination founder. Chavez played a large role in history, by being a civil rights activist who guided the Mexican Americans to the procedures. In order to nonviolently make a change and be successful, this group of individuals peacefully put together protests, walkouts, and hunger strikes. Although for many years chicanos were treated unfairly with unequal education and unequal rights, due to their techniques changes have been made

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