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Cesar Chavez History Day Project One Mexican American farm worker dedicated his days to better the lives of his people, his name was Cesar Chavez. Horrendous treatment of farmworkers caused Chavez to take a stand for what he believed in, for no one should be treated poorly because of race or social class. During Chavez’s life, he organized peaceful protests, boycotts, as well as participated in a historic 36 day "Fast for life". Chavez not only changed the working rights for farm workers but subsequently gave dignity to the working class of America. The legacy that Cesar Chavez left behind was that he became the most important leader of the Latino people in the United States, and he founded the still standing United Farmworkers of America. To begin with, it all started on …show more content…

One of Chavez’s most well-known protests is the Delano Grape Strike. Chavez is well known for this individual strike because he was specifically asked from the Filipinos, who were the peoples that were affected so they started the strike because of bad pay (90 cents an hour) and horrible working conditions. Cesar accepted the invitation from the Filipinos because he felt as though this strike could have been helpful towards his protesting causes. This strike focused on the pay, working conditions, and the land owner’s violent actions towards the farm workers. Cesar new the fight for these rights was not going to end anytime soon. The most challenging factor in this strike was keeping all the other farm workers fighting for their right as Mexican American farm workers. Some of the supporting men on the strike were starting to resort to the same violence they received from their employers. Cesar devoted this thought from his head as well as the men who came up with it, because he believed that nonviolent actions forced you to be more creative, in other words, it lets you keep control of the offensive, which is highly important in winning any contest, or in this case protest,

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