A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Cesar Chavez

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Cesar Chavez wrote a piece in the magazine of religious organization on the ten year anniversary of Martin Luther King. He starts off saying that Dr. King was a very powerful man with nonviolent means. Throughout his writing he gives many example of why nonviolence will ultimately succeed over violent means, and give of many appeals of emotional, logical, creditable justification. Dr. King may have dies, but with his death only more power has come to the peaceful citizens of the world. The audience that Chavez is addressing is very familiar with Dr. King, and the troubles he went through so it is not hard at all to relate to the audience with ideas of Martin Luther King. “ Nonviolence provides the opportunity to stay on the offensive, and that is a crucial importance to win any contest.” With subject of violent an nonviolent means is so important to almost everyone that it makes almost everyone stand on their toes. With the subject Chavez does a good job of stating “we” instead of “I” because of …show more content…

Mentioning Gandhi, and stating his thought son the best ways peacefully cause change. This is showing the audience that Chavez realizes that these men have proved their methods the best, and he doesn't want to change them just try to use them for the benefit of the people. “ The boycott, as Gandhi taught, is the most nearly perfect instrument of nonviolent change, allowing masses of people to participate actively in a cause”. This quote really does work so well because of the organization that is used by Chavez to convey Gandhi’s message. If Chavez had not eased this very power quotes into is writing, they would not have been hear the same way. By showing your credibility, and some emotional appeal makes the audience very more open to receiving meaningful and powerful quotes. It simply would not have the same affect on his audience if he did not do

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