Cesar Chavez Father

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Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona on March 31, 1927, according to United Farm Workers. Growing up, Chavez experienced the feeling of unfairness. In United Farm Workers, Chavez’ father agreed to clear a piece of land that was 80 acres. According to the agreement, in return, Chavez’ father would get 40 acres of land. The United Farm Workers website stated that the agreement was infringed. Because of this, Chavez’ father came to the conclusion that he should hire a lawyer. As stated in United Farm Workers, Chavez’ lawyer suggested that he take out a loan. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected for Chavez’ father. In United Farm Workers, the father could not afford to pay back the money. Around the late 1930s, Chavez and his family moved to San Jose, California. There, they lived in a poor neighborhood called Sal Si Puedes (Get Out If You Can), according to United Farm Workers. Chavez then wanted to get an education in order to escape poverty, but this soon enough did not work out as expected, as stated in United Farm Workers. Chavez’ father had gotten in a car accident, but at the same time Chavez did not want his …show more content…

In 1965, a Filipino union group called The Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee “struck when the Delano grape growers cut the pay rates during harvest” (Rick Tejada-Flores PBS). Because of this, the strike went on, and Chavez became the leader, according to PBS. As a result, the grape strike began and lasted for five years (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Because Chavez learned writings from St. Francis and Gandhi, he decided to put that into play. According to PBS, Chavez’ group would fight without the use of violence. Also found in PBS, it states that many people went around asking them to stop buying grapes for the farmers’

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