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Mexican-American Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) is known as an American farm worker, a prominent union leader, labor organizer, and a civil rights activist. By having much experience since he was a migrant worker when he was very young, Chavez with another co-founder created The National Farm Workers Association in 1962 that later became United Farm Workers. As a union leader, his union and the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee made their first strike against grape growers in California. Having been through many hardships as a migrant farm worker, the Latino American civil rights activist led marches, called for boycotts, and made strikes to raise and recover conditions for farm workers. His contributions led to numerous improvements for …show more content…

He was named after his grandfather, Cesario. He is the second child and the oldest son in the family of six children. Chavez’s father was a very hard worker. He worked three jobs in order to make sure that his family of eight had “enough food and warm clothes”. Besides his main job working for the family’s farm, Chavez’s father also operated a grocery store and was an elected postmaster. When Cesar was just ten years old, he learned early on and never forgot about the lessons of the lack of fairness in society, justice, and trust, in his life due to the dishonest deal that his father made with the hypocrite and foxy Anglo neighbor. Cesar’s father had agreed to exchange eighty acres of his farmland to receive the endorsement of the forty acres land which was next to the family’s adobe home. After the Anglo neighbor broke the agreement, he sold the land to another person whose name was Justus Jackson. Cesar’s father went to a lawyer to ask for help. The lawyer advised him to make a mortgage loan to buy the land back. The interest was so high that the Chavez couldn’t pay for it. As the result, they lost their house, their land, and everything. In 1939, Chavez and his family moved to California and became migrant farm workers after they lost their house and their land during the Great

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