Summary Of Viva La Causa By Teaching Tolerance

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The video I chose to review is “Viva la Causa” by Teaching Tolerance. This movie is very educational and it covers a lot of important topics about how farm workers fought for their rights in the fields. I believe this movie was created to show and explain to minorities and farm workers that marching and boycotting for human rights can lead to a better outcome working in the fields. Cesar Chavez was a string and intelligent Chicano man that believed farm workers were being treated poorly in the fields. They would get sprayed with pesticide, lack of clean water, no bathrooms, and long hours of work with little pay that were not being acknowledged by the farm owners. Therefore, he gathered farm workers to join “Huelga” (strike) and fight for human rights without using violence. …show more content…

All they wanted was to have equal rights. Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were great leaders in the Mexican Community as well as in the field community, because they worked together to make a change for farm workers. They did not have money, but what they did have was the will to change the way rich white owners were treating the farm workers. Thousands of farm workers joined what Cesar Chavez created National Farm Workers Association (NFWA). This organization was a way for farm workers to join the cause and fight for their human rights in the fields. After many harsh struggles there was a change for farm workers that led to a safer environment and better working conditions in the fields. Farm workers made history with protesting, boycotting grapes, and marching to fight for human rights in the

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