Comparing About Cesar And Harriet Tubm Conductor On The Underground Railroad

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Have ever thought about being treated unfairly as a farm worker or being forced to work as a slave? In this essay I will talk about two people who wanted to change that. In the Non-Fiction story, “About Cesar” by Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF) we learn about the life of a man who did protest and created groups all to have farm worker rights for many farm workers across the world since they were never treated fairly. The Non-Fiction story,”Harriet Tubman: Conductor On The Underground Railroad” by Ann Petry is about a woman that Lived the life as slave as kid but grew up to be a person that helped many slaves by Building tunnels Underground for slaves to escape. Both of these people helped workers that were not treated like everyone else was. …show more content…

He noticed that farm workers were sad and were not treated like any normal person. To put it in another way farm workers were like slaves that worked for many hours a day but weren't treated fairly like everyone else. For this reason Chavez wanted to change these laws and decided to protest with others that were against the harsh rules of a farm worker. In the hope that this would change the laws for farm workers Chavez decided to create groups. Cesar created a group but then left to create a second one. After all the protest and with the help of others Cesar chavez was able to change the terrible rules and laws for farm workers to fair laws that kept everyone happy. Sadly Cesar Chavez died April 23 1993 as a old man but will forever be known as a american hero that helped many people have farm worker …show more content…

As a little girl Harriet Tubman saw what it was like to be a slave although she had to deal with the harsh rules she had as a kid. Tubman grew up to be like all the other slaves but however Harriet realized that their laws were really unfair and had a big difference then the laws for the white people. Harriet later on grew up to be a older woman while still being forced to work while the laws still haven't changed. Therefore Harriet was fed up and wanted freedom for herself and all other slaves just like her so she decided to use all the skills and knowledge she had being a slave from when she was younger to create tunnels underground that would help many escape to freedom. She continued to build these tunnels with others and create plans to escape so that many slaves could follow her to the tunnels allowing them to be free. When the tunnels were finished she and the many other slaves began to walk through the tunnels hoping that they would make it all the way through to freedom. Harriets plan was to go through the tunnels until they made it to a farm where they would stop and then continue on their road. In spite of getting caught this journey to freedom took longer as the survivors took their time to get through alive. In the end many of the slaves stayed alive and made it to freedom after all

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