Harriet Tubman's Greatest Achievement Essay

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What was Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievement? Did you know that escaped slaves would travel over 300 miles just to go from the south to Canada? Harriet Tubman was lots of different things she was a spy, she was a nurse and caretaker. But I believe her biggest achievement was the underground railroad which help slaves travel to Canada from the South. The Fugitive Slave act was put in place and slaves would be returned to their slave masters and depending on what they did, they could get anything from beaten to tortured to killed. Harriet escaped her slave master so it was very risky for her to be in the US. I believe the underground railroad was her greatest achievement because of her time spent, the risk and the number of people she helped. First she spent a lot of time doing the underground railroad. She came down to the south and made rescues for ten years and spend a lot of her life also finding safe houses so slaves could escape (Document …show more content…

“ We captured 800 people that day and we tore up the railroad,” (Document C). Even though she rescued 800 people it doesn’t compare to the 30,000 people she rescued. Plus she spent way more time working on the underground railroad rather than the short time she spent working as a spy. Finally she put a lot more effort in the underground rail and the risk is even greater on the underground railroad. In conclusion, this essay is important to know about because this stuff still happens today. Human trafficking exists and people like Harriet Tubman are able to take a stand and work on the problem. People are put into a form of slavery and forced to work there. The modern day underground railroad was established by victims like Harriet Tubman and still works. I hope this inspired you to make a difference and continue her dream of no slavery. That is why she is very important and also why she will be on the 20 dollar

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