What Was Harriet Tubman's Greatest Achievement

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Harriet Tubman spent most of her life trying to help slaves. She was a slave herself, she was born in Dorchester Country, Maryland in the year 1822. She started working at a very young age, by the age of 5 she was already doing child care and consequently by 12 she was doing field work and hauling logs, as she got older the job got harder. When she turned 26 Harriet decided to make a life-changing decision when her master died, she decided to abscond. She married a free black man. When she decamped, she spent 10 years helping the underground railroad, spent a day in Combahee River Raid, ---- years in Nursing 54th Mass, and spent most of her life, 50 years of it, care-giving. So, what was Harriet's greatest achievement? Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement was the Underground Railroad while her other accomplishments were significant. …show more content…

She spent about 10 years guiding slaves to flee to Canada. During this act more than 38 slaves were ordinarily disenthrall from hard labor. During this rescue mission “she made most of her trips in and around December when the nights were long and fewer people were out.” (doc B), she was extremely cautious about her acts. Although, all four acts were all as important, the least important one was care-giving. Tubman spent 48 years taking care of injured slaves, she helped more than 288 people but, less than 400. There was less risks involved because there was no war or slavery. She enjoyed helping people who can't care from themselves. Harriet took time out of her day for 4 years for “taking care of poor people in her home.” However, “Harriet often only had six to eight people in her care.” (doc

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