How Did Harriet Tubman Contribute To Slavery

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Harriet tubman played a very important role in slavery. She had a major role by helping free slaves she was the conductor of the underground railroad which was used to help free slaves she was also very caring by helping create fundraisers for slaves without shelter or food.Harriet Tubman has made a difference in many people 's lives, not only by freeing slaves.Born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman was beaten and whipped by most of her masters as a child. One time she suffered a traumatic head wound when a slave owner threw a heavy metal weight that was supposed to hit another slave but hit her instead. The injury caused dizziness, pain, and spells of hypersomnia, which occurred throughout her life. Harriet Tubman was a Christian and experienced strange visions and vivid dreams, which she said was from God.Harriet Tubman is one of the most …show more content…

She has helped the United States in many ways. After that she also purchased land to build a home in 1896 for needy and sick blacks. Harriet tubman was the conductor of the underground railroad The Underground Railroad was a bunch secret routes and safe houses that slaves used to escape to free states or Canada. Harriet was one of the people who helped establish the Underground Railroad.She was also known as “Moses.” Tubman was called this because she took slaves to the safety. Another way Harriet Tubman brought slaves to safety was when she codes songs to have different meanings. One song she would sing is“In Wade of the Water,” which told slaves to hide in the water. Another example of this is how when they arrived to a house they could stay at she would say “A Friend with Friends” so they would know it was her.The song “Steal Away” was a song to tell that a slave would soon be escaping. And the song “Sweet Chariot,” which told slaves to get prepared to leave for the North because the Underground Railroad is

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