Why Is Harriet Tubman Important

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We deceided on Harriet Tubman as our influential person in history. We chose her because we both learned about her in grade school. We both really wanted to do a woman who was very influential in American History. We finally came to an agreement after many hours of researching women in American History. We almost chose Eleanor Roosevelt, but decided on Harriet Tubman because of her bravery. Harriet Tubman was a strong women who was known as "Moses" to the people whom she freed. Not only was Harriet once a slave she also was a nurse during the Civil War. Harriet could have resented the White man, but chose to help and support them. She is a very admirable women who over came slavery and chose to help those who needed it. We gathered our information from many diffrent resources. We first looked in the library …show more content…

Inside the trifold there is a train that is suppose to look as though it is under ground. On the railroad car there are pictures of Hariet tubman and facts about the underground rail road. When you lift the picture or fact up wou will find a caption and or the citation. We also printed out the train and train tracks seen on the board. Then on the top portion of the board, it is suppose to resemble the night sky. The top part is the night sky because Harriet Tubman freed the slaves during the cover of night. We also included the northern star and the Big Dipper (also known as the drinking gourd) because it was used by her to travel. The title on the boarded says "Harriet Tubman". We used silver glitter stickers letters for the title. We also printed out about 4 images of Harriet Tubman. There are very few picture of Harriet Tubman. We also printed out a wanted poster for her arrest. No only did we find pictures of Harriet, but we also found an image of her family. The paper used behind the text was silver glitter paper and a metallic star paper. In all the board took us multiple days and many hours to make it our

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