Harriet Tubman An Abolitionist

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Undoubtedly, Harriet Tubman was the most influential abolitionist of the early to mid-1800s. Born a slave in 1820, Tubman escaped her plantation in 1849, and returned 19 times to rescue over 300 enslaved people. Tubman was called “Black Moses” because she, like Moses of the Old Testament, led her people out of persecution and into freedom. She had narcolepsy (a mental disorder that causes one to fall asleep randomly) but still served as a nurse, a scout, and a spy for the Union during the Civil War. Firstly, Tubman took the risk of returning to her old plantation 19 times to rescue upwards of 300 slaves, and didn’t lose a single one in the process. This shows legitimate bravery because she could’ve easily been captured, or worse, killed,

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