Harriet Tubman A Hero

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Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary heroine. She was brave herself in saving many lives, including her parents. She was a heroic person doing heroic actions; saving people when her life depended on it. At one point, since Harriet was saving so many people, she was worth around $40,000. Yet Harriet was not taught math and science, in fact, she was an illiterate person, but she was smarter than the slave overseers and the masters. Harriet was a heroine; hero, for being such a kind, translucent person. Harriet knew her weaknesses and her strengths, but her strengths hid her weaknesses in the shadows. It was as if nobody knew her weaknesses, but there was one that everyone knew; a serious brain injury. Harriet was not just an ordinary or extraordinary …show more content…

A true hero is a person that takes other people’s lives over their own and saves those lives in the risk of their own. Harriet is all over that definition. She saved over 300 people and not one person that she took with her was caught or killed. Harriet was an abolitionist, who lead the movement to end slavery. Many people declined that statement, but it is true. When Harriet was bringing her largest group of fugitives ever, 11; they were captured in a barn, which Harriet set on fire so the overseers could stay back. Harriet found a key and escaped through a tunnel. She was the last one to go through the tunnel and was the last one to leave it. She did that because if an overseer would see them they would capture her and no one else, because she was a true hero, not just an extraordinary heroine, but a true hero to slave …show more content…

She knew what the definition of what a true hero was and she followed that. With Harriet being an illiterate person, with no experience in Math, Science, and English, she was a lot smarter than any other person on that plantation. With her being the smartest person on the plantation, she knew the perfect time to escape the slaves and hen to not. She was perfect. She knew that the printers were closed on Sundays so she would escape the slaves on a Saturday night so the wanted papers could not print until Monday. If Harriet was never brave enough to do what she has done, She would not have saved 300 slaves and the Underground Railroad would not have been what it was today. Harriet did the right thing and saved all the slaves that she could have saved in her lifetime. All in all, slavery is the wrong thing to do and no person should have the right to own

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