Harriet Tubman's Monologue

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I watched as the big fiery ball climbed above everything else. It shot out orangish-red rays from all direction and made the town brighter. As lovely as the morning was I knew that today wouldn't be horrible. I could only watch from down here, the beautiful shining star. The wind started to blow faster and faster. I tried to resist but there was nothing I can do, for I was only a helpless Airborne Fluff. We were cotton-like seeds that flew around and were controlled by the wind. We are like tiny clouds that floated around and humans liked to squeeze us with their sweaty palms. “Ahh!”, I yelled with fear. I was hurtling towards a human. A little boy was sitting under a tree, I can tell he was going to squeeze me to death as I looked at his wicked face. I tried to fly towards the other direction but I wasn't strong enough to withstand the mighty winds. With only three seconds to live I am …show more content…

I am in a jar. I looked around and the little bow was awkwardly looked at me. He opened the jar and quickly grabbed me with his cabbage smelling hands. “What are you?” he inquired. “I am a Airborne Fluff” I replied. The little boy bursted into tears. I asked “Why are you crying?” “My mother’s name was Harriet Tubman. She was a conductor in the Underground Railroad. She helped slaves escape from slavery. The last time she stepped out to do her job was three days ago and she never came back” the boy sobbed. I looked around and it seemed like he stayed alone at home. “The Underground Railroad’’? I questioned. “It is a network of routes that help slaves escape from slavery easily. Me and my mother were born into slavery and we lived here so that my mother can help other slaves, who were once just like us.” he exclaimed. “Don't worry boy we will find your mother soon but first what is your name?” I inquired. “Johnny Tubman” He decided to make me his pet and named me the Flying Fluff. He made me a tiny bed using hay. He wished me goodnight and went to

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